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Access Control

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Toolminder supports three methods of user access,  None,  Toolminder login or Active Directory (AD) is also supported.



The default method is no security, when Toolminder starts no login credentials will be requested from the user.
The user will have access to all functionality in the software, this method is best suitable for a single user installation.


The other two methods are for when you wish to restrict access to functions in the software to certain users.


Users can be assigned one of the following profiles:

Administrator have full unrestricted access to all options and functions of Toolminder.

Supervisors have no access to any system options but can create, delete and edit records.

Operators can create and edit records.

View Only users can only view records.



Security to restrict actions users can perform, users will be requested for a user name and password when the program starts.

This login method is recommended for single shared computer.

You can create login accounts in the Personnel section of Toolminder.


Active Directory

For network installations AD is recommend, login and restriction of users is seamless.

Enter the prefix and suffix for your domain, eg Prefix would be earlsmere  and suffix would be local.




Active Directory Grouping option allow administrators to define the groups for controlling user access levels.

Each of the groups is linked to the user privileges: