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Portable Appliance Testing

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In order to provide a comprehensive safety and maintenance management system, Toolminder is compatible with the Megger PAT 400 series of portable appliance testers.




Features include:


All version of Toolminder software support PAT Testing.
Fast upload and download via a USB stick from any Megger PAT400 series test instrument.
Send and receive 'db' files via email.
All 'Pass' and 'Fail' certification includes Visual Failure with Repairs carried out with a complete summary page provided.


Once you have installed Toolminder you will need to select 'PAT' in the main menu ribbon.




From here you can begin to set up your test groups.


Note: All images in this user guide are for demonstration purposes only. A qualified test engineer has to decide which tests should be carried out on each appliance in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.