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October 11, 2020


Bug fixes



October 04, 2020


Bug fixes

Supports  "Toolminder Active" app for iPhone® and iPad®



November 28, 2018

Supports "Toolminder Active" app for Android.


allowing you to view inspections performed using your mobile phone
view your vibration exposure monitored by Limpet vibration monitor







February 8, 2018


 ubisys RFID Reader now supports write Tool Tags for HAVmeter

 Bug fixes



January 9, 2018


 New Hire Module with the full integration with Maintenance and repair module


 Supports new OMNIKEY®  RFID reader from HID






April 25, 2017


 Add new asset will automatically populate the location or personnel if selected before creating new asset

 Performance improvements to add new vibration record

 Customer Product Link (CPL) records can now be edited in Product Catalogue

 Add Import Locations from excel file

 Add Telephone and email address to Locations and Personnel

 Personnel records only require a persons name,  Employee Number need only be entered for HAVmeter users

 Toolminder now supports Windows 10 Creators Update

 Bug fixes




March 15, 2017


 Printing of individual test certificate for an Asset can now be performed from the Asset List and PAT Alert

 Uploading Assets to PAT tester the operator can select the firmware of the tester instead of selecting the serial number of the tester


 Hand Arm Vibration points limits default to EAV (100 points) and ELV (400 Points) you can however reduce these pre-set levels in your ‘custom’ settings.



January 23, 2017


 Job maintenance  allow filter by data range

 Add Repair Codes to maintenance job



January 6, 2017


 Selecting Recycle bin now opens in a new window

 Delete function added to the Recycle bin so items can be permanently deleted


 Improvements to filtering of records and drag and drop


 Duplicate Products or Assets can be merged into one


 Added Grade option to maintenance job


 Add Hire Codes to the new Hire Module


 PAT Direct Connect can now test person assets without having to change the location of person


 New Reports for Maintenance and PAT module

 Updated Product and Asset Safety Reports



August 3, 2016


 Bug fixes



July 27, 2016


 Bug fixes



July 18, 2016


 Bug fixes



July 5, 2016



New Movements module for Assets

Reports added to show movement history of an Asset and all Movements at location or site


Replaced the Retire function with a Recycle Bin, when a record is deleted it will be placed in the Recycle Bin


Filtering of records now require you to select the column you wish to filter in the grid.

With this change the Optimise for Speed function is now redundant and as been removed


Multiple Report Themes are now supported and can be easily selected when generating a report, this allows the reports to be easily branded for different departments or different customers etc


All reports and charts for the HAVmeter module have been replaced with new upgraded reports


Added 4 new fields for Maintenance Jobs,  RA Number, Order Number, Internal and External Reference
The data caption prompts can be configured for these new fields so they can be easily recognised in your organisation


Maintenance Jobs can now be imported from an external data file


New support for the ubisys RFID Reader






December 22, 2015


Improvements to the Sync module for Windows Mobile Device

Bug fixes



November 6, 2015


New Maintenance Analytic Reports


October 26, 2015



Allow selection of replacement Asset for a Job

Support Plan now shows the number of days before renewal

Bug fixes

Support Evolis Primacy card printer for printing of HAVmeter operator card



September 25, 2015



HAVmeter and PAT test files can be automatically imported from Google Drive™ and archived in the cloud

Stand alone installations now have the option to utilise LocalDB database files instead of SQL Server Express, this simplifies the installation process

New Light and Dark Theme

Bug Fixes


March 24, 2015


Add Vibration option to show half points per minute when points per minute are less than 0.5

New vibration management report showing vibration records sorted by Asset Number, Vibration Test Date

Bug Fixes


February 17, 2015


PAT option to discard any Skipped Tests

Upgrade from any previous version of Toolminder is now supported, previously version 1.4 required to be installed

Failed Alerts can now be edited

Version October 14, 2014


Update Asset Maintenance and Keeper reports to show all assets

Maintenance Job does not show expired fixed Alerts

Bug fixes



September 17, 2014


Fixed issue when trying to upload assets with no location configured to the PAT tester

Version September 01, 2014


Update menu ribbon to Office 2013 style

User logins for Toolminder access control are now configured in Personnel records

Maintenance Jobs now include costing’s for Labour, Parts and  fixed cost

Updated Job report to show costing and reported faults

Supervisor’s can edit completed jobs

PAT Direct connect can now automatically print certificate

Updated Single Asset PAT Certificate

Printing Vibration labels prompts user to change coloured label stock


July 09, 2014


Support the new firmware 1.05 for Megger PAT400 series PAT Testers

Save immediately any changes made to data grids, this includes sorting, column moving etc

Improvement to all windows for increase speed and performance

Add label printing to Vibration Records window

Bug fixes



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