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June 10, 2014


Bug fixes



May 20, 2014


Option to skip warnings during HAVmeter import when operator records are different

Add new vibration label for Brother PT-9800PCN printer

Bug fixes



Apr 14, 2014


New report for HAVmeter showing Operator Exceeded Exposure

Completed Jobs now highlighted grey in Job Manager

Bug fixes


Mar 04, 2014


Bug fixes


Apr 01, 2014


New reports for Job Vibration Exposure Template

Change Job Report to Job Summary

Bug fixes



Mar 04, 2014


Bug fixes



Mar 03, 2014


Support new label printer from Brother, PT-P700

Allow vibration labels to be printed from Asset screen



Feb 25, 2014


Allow the user to change their password when configured for Toolminder security



Feb 19, 2014


Bug fixes



Feb 18, 2014


4 noise reports added

Bug fixes



Feb 10, 2014


IMPORTANT: Changes to Licensing

With version 1.4.0 of Toolminder we have discontinued the Standard and Professional packages, offering instead Toolminder and Toolminder Plus.

Most features are available in Toolminder, however, Toolminder Plus comes with the added HAVmeter functionality.
Both versions can now be purchased with either a device or user based license.


Although you may see changes to your software license, you will still have access to the updated features listed below depending on the software package you purchase.


User Interface


Improved Visuals

New icon designs

Improved menu ribbon

Sleek Metro design

Default theme no longer requires custom set up

Removed unnecessary buttons and icons



Automatically check for software updates every 30 days, internet connection required

Links to release notes for information on latest version

Links to online shop for upgrades and support contract renewals

System Options


Customisable alerts – you can now configure the colours of alert statuses for easier identification and to match any existing colour coding you may have.

Vibration Options


Log Book options – removed as the Log Book feature is no longer in the program.



Automatically generate personnel number can now be enabled



Removed Diary (no longer required)

Handy Tag removed, printing can now be done from any screen

Alerts can now be found under Maintenance



New product types

Test Instrument

Local Exhaust Ventilation

Warranty moved under alerts (see Maintenance > default alerts)

Keywords moved to a separate tab



Warranty moved to alerts (see Maintenance > default alerts)

Working Life moved to alerts (see Maintenance > default alerts)



Now available in all versions of Toolminder.

Set up to 255 different alerts per product

7 default system alerts added






End of Life

Alerts can now be variable or fixed term

Separate alert record now available for each asset

Can now configure who will perform the service

‘Perform Action’ option added

Toolminder Plus displays the minutes the tool has been used and alerts are shown if maintenance is required – only available if using the HAVmeter system.

Job Manager


Group by products

A ‘Job and Reports’ option has been added to the Job Manager

Job status of ‘Open’ is now automatically set for new jobs and ‘Complete’ when the job is completed

New priority status ‘Urgent’ added

Optimised UI

All data is now available on one screen

Removed created date

Vibration results can be entered for a job and the date that the next vibration date is required will be automatically updated

Removed the ‘Perform Action’ option from the ribbon and implemented it into the alert status grid

Action Scripts


Add pass and fail statuses to individual tasks with details as to why it failed



Direct Connect with Megger PAT testers now available in all versions

Transfer Manager

Shows certificate and test notes in grid

Result statuses now show ‘Passed or ‘Failed’

PAT Asset

‘Edit Record’ now allows the editing of the PAT alert only

Now displays colour coded Passed and Failed statuses

Direct Connect

‘Perform Test’ option renamed to ‘Direct Connect’

UI Improved and removed unnecessary options (location)

Displays all previously performed tests automatically

Disabled test group editing from Direct Connect menu. This can now be done by clicking ‘Edit Alert’ on the menu ribbon

Now displays the Fuse rating of the asset

Test Groups

Added general notes field to test group


Log Book removed as it is no longer required

HAVmeter Import Data, option to archive files allowing the user to determine whether files are to be moved to the archive folder after being imported

HAV Manager update reports

Tool Exposure , optimised chart size for each user depending on the number of tools

Vibration Indicator, show the number of tools and users