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Toolminder is compatible with all Reactec HAVmeters. With a HAVmeter, docking station and Toolminder you can streamline your vibration management procedures throughout your business.


Simply attach your HAVmeter to a tool before using it, then return to the docking station. Data can then be imported from the docking station into Toolminder to automatically track vibrations whilst it was being used.


Furthermore, when your employee swipes his ID card into the docking station before and after use, Toolminder will show you how long each tool was used for and which employees are at the most risk.


This section will guide you through the process of importing data into Toolminder from your HAVmeter and highlight the program's HAV management features.


We will also show you how to use Toolminder's reporting function to create detailed reports and charts.

These can be sent straight to a printer or incorporated into electronic documentation.